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Driving a first-class vehicle such as a Range Rover, part of the Land Rover line, provides the kind of automotive experience that defies description. In a class of its own, the Range Rover’s history only underlines the type of quality that one expects in its modern-day descendant. It can be, however, expensive to maintain. Which is why it’s important for owners of these remarkable vehicles to have access to a dependable supplier of quality Range Rover spare parts in Melbourne.

When you need Range Rover Parts in Melbourne, contact us at Automotive Skills. We are an Australian-owned and operated business that focuses on finding the very best in Jaguar and Land Rover spare parts. While we’re based in New South Wales, we sell our quality spare parts across Australia. We recycle these components from vehicles being wrecked. We can provide you with the parts you need from the smallest components to gearboxes and even complete engines. You can count on our quality service to help you keep your Range Rover on the road.

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One of the best known and most dependable vehicles in the world, the Land Rover does have a slightly odd history.

First appearing in 1948, they are the second oldest example of this kind of cross-country vehicle, falling only behind the American Jeep regarding longevity. Here’s an interesting fact you probably didn’t know about the Land Rover: it’s 30 years older than the company that bears its name. The original vehicles were made by Rover, while the Land Rover company name did not appear until 1978. In another historical oddity, the original Land Rovers had their steering wheels in the middle. The designer who created this look apparently did so for two reasons: he drove a tractor on his farmland, and he appreciated how this improved the handling, and he also wanted to avoid creating Land Rovers with steering wheels on different sides for different markets.

In yet another bit of historical humour, you could order a Land Rover in the 1950s equipped with tank tracks. A Scotsman designed the Series II Cuthbertson to help make the trip across the spongy terrain of the Scottish Highlands. Apparently, the first model was meant as a bit of a joke but soon proved popular enough to be added as an actual option. Finally, one of the very first Range Rovers has a unique place in automotive history. It’s on display in the Louvre in Paris, France because it is seen as an example of the finest kind of industrial engineering.

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When you need to find the best Range Rover Spares in Melbourne for your vehicle, we can help you find what you need at a competitive price. Our knowledgeable staff will check our inventory for you, and if we don’t have it, we will get it. We are happy to ship to anywhere in Australia and it usually only takes 1-3 days for those parts to arrive. While we find many parts through wrecking, we also have relationships with reliable suppliers in England. Whatever parts you need, we pride ourselves on being able to help you with all your Range Rover needs. Call or email us today.